Happy Birthday!

Welcome to The Tale of Moh .

Who is Moh

Moh is a first generation citizen of the American Empire, with his origins stemming from the muddy depths of Bangladesh. Currently he is a 21 year old college student learning how to navigate life and become an extrovert.


What is Moh

A brown boy that loves playing games with his ragtag group of friends, watching shitty anime, and reading girlboss manhwas. These are all the things that make Moh go around.


Why is Moh

Other than to serve as glue, no one knows why.


Moh was never How, he always Was. Since the beginning of time, Moh was thought to be an anomoly, how could a mud-skinned individual be such a patriotic soul? how would glue exist without him? how can YOU become Moh?

These are all great questions, but Moh is the only one of his kind. Who else would have the balls to go to Denmark when they don't even like leaving their own house?
Moh is just HIM.

Regardless of all this, he still graces the commonfolk with his presence, showing just how benevolent he is. There are even tales written in his name, such as Moh the Shrek and Sora the Donkayy, but that's a story for another day.

We are gathered here today, not to talk about fables and tall stories, but to celebrate the entity known as Moh.

Happy Birthday !!

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